The cleaning of injection moulding machines and extrusion lines is increasingly carried out with cleaning compounds in order to avoid quality defects of the products such as colour streaks or black spots.

For an effective cleaning of the plastic processing machine it is important to optimize the cleaning process.
A decisive factor for a successful result is the selection of the appropriate cleaning granulate. Each cleaning granulate has a temperature range in which it works at optimum.
In addition, other important key factors must also be taken into account in order to achieve optimum cost efficiency. For example, the chemical composition of the cleaning granules and the problem-causing compounds must be compatible to each other.
The type of machine and the machine setting parameters are also important factors to consider.

If, after an initial test phase with the appropriate cleaning granulate, initial successes are achieved, the next step should be to train the application technicians on the product. The more professional the procedure in the test phase, the better the results of the cleaning process in the long term!

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